Pre-Engineered Standard Flares & Combustors

Standard Gas Assisted Smokeless Flare Systems (VaporClear Series)


  • Pre-engineered flare systems to reduce cost and improve delivery
  • Multiple flare sizes to suit the customer’s application
  • EPA OOOOa compliant
  • 40 CFR 60.18 compliant
  • Smokeless Combustion
  • 98%+ VOC destruction efficiency
  • Elevated flare with visible flame

Selection Criteria / Advantages

  • Provides smokeless flaring by utilizing available high pressure fuel gas
  • Smokeless combustion of a range of VOCs
  • Smokeless flow rates of up to 100% of the total waste gas
  • Assist gas ring with high efficiency injection nozzles
  • Robust ignition system
  • Upstream oil & gas production
  • Well pads in shale basins
  • Easy to install
  • Fast delivery
  • Operational and smokeless turndown from purge to design capacity
  • Includes velocity type purge seal to prevent flashback and minimize operating expense
  • High temperature rated materials in the heat affected area
  • Guywire support system with soil anchors that do not require concrete foundations
  • Retractable pilot for ease of maintenance
  • Option for solar powered ignition system / controls


Standard Length: 25’ – 40’ [7.6 m – 12.2 m]
Diameter: 4” – 8” [102 – 203 mm]

Standard Materials:

Heat affected zone: stainless steel
Non-heat affected zone: carbon steel
Velocity Seal: 304SS

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