Elevated Flares

Air Assist Flares (Environ Series)


  • Provides smokeless combustion of heavy waste gas vapors
  • Often used when steam is unavailable for assist
  • Ground based blower(s) provide air assist
  • Annular design methodology creates a compact design
  • High velocity air creates a turbulent mixing zone for greater combustion efficiency
  • Air provides added benefit of cooling the flare tip to extend working life

Selection Criteria / Advantages

  • Smokeless flow rates of up to 100% of total waste gas flow
  • Extended tip longevity
  • Lower operating costs than comparable steam assist flares
  • Stable and reliable combustion
  • Upstream oil & gas production
  • Midstream oil & gas
  • Petroleum refining
  • Chemical processing industry (CPI)
  • Terminals – marine, rail, and truck loading facilities
  • Designed to accept a wide range of waste gas pressures
  • Slotted or drilled waste gas exit ports to achieve maximum air to fuel boundary
  • High temperature rated materials in the heat affected area
  • Includes velocity type purge seal to prevent flashback and minimize operating expense
  • Multiple blower control options


Standard Length: 6’-0” [1829 mm]
Diameter: 4” – 84” [102- 2134 mm]

Standard Materials:

Heat affected zone: stainless or high nickel alloy (as per application)
Non-heat affected zone: carbon steel
Velocity Seal: 304SS

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