Ignition Systems

Flame Front Generator


  • Most proven flare pilot ignition technology available
  • Ground based for ease of maintenance
  • Designed to blend and ignite a mixture of fuel gas and instrument air at ground level, sending a flame propagation to ignite the pilot
  • Manual, automatic, or self-inspirating options

Selection Criteria / Advantages

  • Cost effective
  • Easy maintenance with system at ground level
  • Self-inspirating option to eliminate need for instrument air (must be installed within 100’ [30.5 m] of the pilot)
  • Integrated control panel with manual and / or automatic ignition options
  • Pit flares / enclose combustion because no wires are required


Electrical: 110 – 240 VAC, 50 – 60 Hz (480 VAC, 24VDC Options
Fuel Gas: 150 SCFH @ 15 PSIG [4.2 nm3/hr]
Instrument Air: 1500 SCFH @ 15 PSIG [42.4 nm3/hr]

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