Enclosed Combustion

Vapor Combustion Unit (UltraVCU Series)


  • Found predominantly in a distribution terminal – truck, rail, or marine loading
  • Provides ground based, completely hidden combustion process
  • Provides smokeless combustion of heavy waste gas vapors
  • The combination of residence time, elevated combustion temperatures, and a turbulent mixing zone create greater combustion efficiency
  • Multiple levels of safety protect against a potential flashback

Selection Criteria / Advantages

  • Smokeless flow rates of up to 100% of total waste gas flow
  • Minimal noise signature
  • No radiant heat allows installation next to equipment and personnel
  • Sampling ports allow for in situ emissions testing
  • Stable and reliable combustion
  • Inerting or enrichment gas used to maintain a waste gas mixture outside of the explosive limits prior to combustion
  • Midstream oil & gas
  • Petroleum refining
  • Chemical processing industry (CPI)
  • Terminals – marine, rail, and truck
  • 99% + destruction efficiency
  • Encore ContraFlash anti-flashback waste gas burners provide safe, efficient and reliable combustion
  • Encore Energen pilots provide reliable and instantaneous ignition
  • Secondary flashback protection with either a detonation arrestor or liquid seal drum
  • Dock safety skid options available
  • Carbon steel combustion chamber with high temperature refractory lining
  • Designed to accept a wide range of waste gas pressures
  • Natural draft and blower assist combustion air delivery
  • Designed to meet U.S. Coast Guard safety design criteria


Standard Length: 20’- 60’ [6.1 m – 18.3 m +]
Diameter: 24” – 156” [610 – 3962 mm +]

Standard Materials:

Combustion chamber: refractory lined carbon steel
Burners: 316SS or 310SS
Burner Manifold: carbon steel

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