Enclosed Combustion

Multi-Point Ground Flare (CrossFire Series)


  • Provides ground-based combustion of large volumes of waste gas hydrocarbons
  • Provides smokeless combustion
  • Designed to divide the waste gas into many small burner nozzles to ensure low flame height
  • Options include staged burners, air, gas or steam assist for the first stage, and a radiation wall to hide the flame

Selection Criteria / Advantages

  • Typically used when the waste gas flow exceeds the suitability of a conventional enclosed flare or vapor combustion unit
  • Smokeless flow rates of up to 100% of total waste gas flow
  • Short flame lengths allow installation within a wall to hide the combustion process and prevent interference with other structures
  • Stable and reliable combustion
  • Upstream oil & gas production
  • Midstream oil & gas
  • Petroleum refining
  • Chemical processing industry (CPI)
  • Encore proprietary CrossFire waste gas burners provides safe, efficient and reliable combustion
  • Encore Energen pilots provide reliable and instantaneous ignition
  • Optional staging skids to maintain proper velocity through the burners
  • Burners are designed to cross light to minimize the number of pilots required
  • Natural draft combustion air delivery system


Burner height: 6’ – 10’ [1829 mm – 3048 mm]
Number of burners: 10 to several hundred
Wall height: 10’ – 50’ [3.0 m – 15.2 m]

Standard Materials:

Burners: stainless steel
Burner Manifold: carbon steel
Wall: carbon steel

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