Ignition Systems

Dura-Core Retractable Electronic Flare Pilot (Model 900)


  • Retractable to grade for ease of maintenance
  • Robust flare pilot designed for extreme conditions
  • Ignition by direct spark ignition system
  • Pilot ignition monitoring via thermocouples
  • Stainless steel pilot gas inspirator and y-strainer

Selection Criteria / Advantages

  • Easy maintenance using track, winch and pulley system to bring pilot to grade
  • Rapid ignition and reignition
  • Flame stability in high wind conditions
  • Integrated wind hood and pilot nozzle
  • Radiation / wind shield to protect the ignitor connection and pilot gas inspirator
  • Wheel / slider assemblies for smooth retractability
  • Low fuel gas consumption


Length: 7’-3” [2210 mm]
Weight: 80 lbs. [36.3 kg]

Standard Materials:

Wind hood and pilot nozzle: 310SS
Pilot gas line: 316SS
Ignition line: 316SS
Inspirator: 316SS

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