Bio-Gas Combustion Systems

Bio-Gas Enclosed Flare System (Bio-VCU Series)


  • Suitable for use in all bio-gas applications – landfill, wastewater treatment, food processing, breweries, etc.
  • Provides ground based, completely hidden combustion process
  • Provides smokeless combustion
  • The combination of residence time, elevated combustion temperatures, and a turbulent mixing zone create greater combustion efficiency
  • Temperature controlled to ensure the highest destruction efficiency throughout the waste gas flow range

Selection Criteria / Advantages

  • Smokeless flow rates of up to 100% of total waste gas flow
  • Minimal noise signature
  • No radiant heat allows installation next to equipment and personnel
  • Sampling ports allow for in situ emissions testing
  • Stable and reliable combustion
  • Landfills
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Food processing
  • Breweries
  • Burners, pilots, stack, manifolds, rain shield, valves, and flame / detonation arrestor material selection suitable for highly corrosive waste gas conditions including presence of H2S
  • Encore ContraFlash anti-flashback waste gas burners provide safe, efficient and reliable combustion
  • Encore Energen pilots provide reliable and instantaneous ignition
  • Optional secondary flashback protection with a flame or detonation arrestor
  • Carbon steel combustion chamber with high temperature refractory lining
  • Natural draft combustion air delivery system
  • Optional purge blower assembly


  • NOx emissions: < 0.06 Lbs/mmbtu
  • CO emissions: < 0.11Lbs/mmbtu
  • 99.5%+ destruction efficiency


Standard height: 20’- 60’ + [6.1 m – 18.3 m +]
Diameter: 24” – 144” + [610 – 3658 mm +]

Standard Materials:

Combustion chamber: refractory lined carbon steel
Burners: 316SS
Burner Manifold: 316SS

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